Fly Abby, Fly

by Kristen FescoeJune 08, 2016

When Abby was a little girl she used to talk about how when she grew up she wanted to be able to fly. I try not to be the kind of Mom that shoots down these pie in the sky ideas because who ever knows what is truly capable. So we constantly have talked about ways that Abby could fly someday. Maybe she would be a trapeze artist? Maybe she would become an engineer and invent functional wings? Maybe she will be a pilot and fly all over the world?

Then something wonderful happened. She learned to fly all on her own. I have talked in this space about Abby's love of long jump. Last year she almost qualified for the Junior Olympics at just 8 years old jumping around 7 feet. Now... well now she is jumping almost 10 feet. She stands just 4 feet tall and she can get that tiny little body to jump more than twice her own height. If that isn't flying I don't know what is. 

As I watch her zoom that tiny frame down 50 meters of runway she truly looks like she might just take off into the sky. The look on her face has gone from the smile of last year to a grit of determination and might. She rocks into her start and moves with ease into her sprint. Normally she might stumble when running or playing, but not now. She does not misstep. She runs faster and faster until the white line is under her feet and she doesn't just jump. In one motion she both springs into flight, while pulling her knees as tight to her body as she can. With arms outstretched she flies. She lands gracefully into the sand, sometimes tumbling into it. 

She is tiny and slight but still, she has found a way to fly.